Middle School LifeDAT’s unique middle school program nurtures the development of the whole child, while at the same time providing excellence in both Judaic studies and general studies.

Life of a middle school student at DAT is geared to developing independence, self-confidence, and an innate motivation to learn and grow in all areas.  We encourage students to ask questions, to develop programs, to present proposals for future projects, and in general, to be advocates for themselves and others.  Aside from the day to day interactions we have with our students, helping them to find themselves, we offer various activities that will encourage their social, emotional, and physical development. For example, our Color War, Shakespeare Festival, Science Fair, Torah Fair, and Chesed (social action) programs all contribute toward addressing these needs as our students mature.

We also realize the importance of teaching our students their religious responsibilities. It is heartwarming to witness our twice-daily student-led Minyanim (prayer services). We are also very proud of the fact that our students recognize that their responsibility to Judaism is not unique to the school setting, but to the community at large. This is an example of how our students not only learn Torah, but live Torah.

We are proud of our rigorous middle school program that prepares students for high school and higher education. In order to ensure that all our students are successful, we have created a grade six transitional year. During that year, students experience components of both the elementary as well as the middle school learning environments. Teachers focus on developing skills such as note taking, time management, and study skills in both general studies and Judaic studies. At the same time, students engage and interact with our middle school students during lunch and special programs.

DAT’s middle school students are energized, excited, and motivated. Our school environment fosters close relationships among the students which is evident by their lasting friendships. DAT provides not only an educational experience, but a life experience.

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