The best of both worlds come together
in our classrooms.
Students at DAT are provided with excellence in both Judaic and general studies. They are given the tools, skills, and confidence to become successful learners.  We firmly believe that the Judaic and general studies programs enhance one another, thereby strengthening the learning for all students.

Our Judaic Studies program stresses the various skills needed to understand Judaic texts with confidence. In addition, there is an emphasis on modern Hebrew, that enables students to become more fluent and comfortable with the language. Additional subjects in our curriculum include Tefillah, Chumash, Navi, Gemara, and Dinim. DAT students develop strong critical thinking skills, as well as a solid understanding of their Jewish heritage, and a commitment to Torah observance.

Likewise, our General Studies program focusses on developing higher-order thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, investigation, and application of concepts.  Students are encouraged to become active participants and advocates for their learning. Following the Colorado State Standards, students are offered a seamless, rigorous program of study that integrates subject areas such as math, science, literature, writing, and social studies.  In addition, we provide students opportunities to engage and develop in non-academic areas, such as art and physical education. Above all, we recognize the importance of providing state of the art technology to prepare our students for the reality of the global workplace.

I went to DAT through 8th grade and am confident it not only prepared me for continuing education, but for life's expereinces. I continually use the skills I gained in writing and math at DAT as ai move on through higher education. - Moshe Hamo, Student, St. Johns College
21st Century LearningThe general studies curriculum is based on the Colorado State Standards which is aligned with the National Standards.  The state standards direct the curriculum and instruction in both the elementary and middle school classroom.  Teachers are given the opportunity to build their lessons through collaborative discussions with other faculty members and the administration, keeping the state standards at the forefront of their planning.  This makes learning at DAT customized to suit the needs of all of our students, while still maintaining academic standards of education.

Along with DAT’s fundamental goals, we stress 21st century learning across the curriculum.  The school environment itself is “traditional with a twist”; we have incorporated the elements of 21st century learning in our traditional environment.  Technology, mobility, higher-level thinking skills, and collaboration all combine to create our academic program of excellence.  Our graduates leave DAT as citizens who are confident and equipped to integrate into the world at large, both in the religious and secular realms.


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