HIGH SCHOOL Inspirational. Powerful. The gateway to an infinite array
of possibilities.
Grades 9-12
A place where academic excellence,
passionate service and Judaic values
propel students to find their place
in the community and the world.
Denver Academy of Torah High School is an inspiring and academically rigorous Modern Orthodox Jewish high school.  The school’s vision is realized each day by energetic, dedicated, and inspiring teachers who work collaboratively with each other to ensure student success. We connect what students learn in theory to the real world, and make them active participants in their own education.

Here, students carry on conversations far beyond their Judaics and general studies classrooms, debating key ideas and theories well after class has ended. They discover and respect each other’s areas of interest and they dig deeper to find answers and explore ideas.

Our high school students embrace learning about what it means to lead, how to advocate for Israel, and how to represent Jews to the broader community in a positive light. They are skillful at navigating the digital world from creating multimedia presentations for the classroom to video conferencing with peers in Israel.

DAT High School is founded on several key principles:
  • Academic Excellence: Outstanding Judaics and college-preparatory academics that emphasize 21st century learning skills and habits of mind.
  • Individualized Learning: Acquisition, analysis, and integration of knowledge in all disciplines.
  • Wisdom of the Torah: Learning to live a life of mitzvoth and middot (virtures).
  • Experiential Learning: Engaging in academic (both Judaic and secular), religious, and spiritual learning opportunities by going out into the world and bringing outside experts into our learning community.

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