Office of Post Secondary Guidance
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Each student has a passion.
Each student has a goal.
Each student has myriad opportunities available.
Each student is an individual.


Our counseling office focuses on guiding each student to discover passions, identify goals, explore options and develop the individual within to have a successful post secondary experience and career.

Our goal is to empower students to find the right environmental and academic match based on strengths and interests.


  • We use standardized test scores, interviews, inventories and assessments to create a holistic view of the student.
  • We gather information to learn and understand every aspect of the individual’s personality, strengths, dreams and aspirations.
  • We provide students with tools and strategies to explore the options for post secondary learning and careers.
  • We guide students with advice, advocacy and logistics to help make sense of the many available options.

Our aim is to open doors for our students, to find a path that matches their passions, integrates their areas of interest, and aims for success.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
please contact Mr. Lawrence Stroll, Director of Post Secondary Guidance,


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