AcademicsThe foundation of our philosophy is to use students’ innate spiritual and intellectual curiosity to draw out their excellence in learning, refinement of character, and engagement in communal activities. A self-directed curriculum in a teacher-guided atmosphere allows students to pursue areas of interest while working to meet content and skills-based standards in both general and Judaic studies. An integrated curriculum within general studies, and between general studies and Judaics, enhances students’ ability to connect their learning to the world around them, increasing comprehension and retention. It also helps students see the connections between the religious world, the secular world, and how to apply these learnings to the world outside the classroom in order to create a Kiddush Hashem that permeates their daily routines.

The following qualities reflect the approach to teaching and learning embraced at DAT HS:
  • An intimate learning environment: With a small class size, teachers have a chance to get to know students’ interests, learning-styles, strengths, and areas for growth and have the luxury of taking the time necessary to ensure students master essential content and skills.
  • An adventurous, hands-on environment: DAT High School emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that are as varied as the interests of our students. Teachers help facilitate, and frequently participate, in student-directed learning experiences. Students will identify an “essential question” to guide 2-6 week focused studies, allowing them to pursue areas of interest and passion. Field trips, field experiences, and ongoing teacher support of their research and work will help them develop as thinker and learners.
  • A culture of high expectations: Helping students attain the highest levels of success in academic, social, and personal ventures drives instruction, ensuring that students will have the opportunity to pursue the most challenging post-secondary path they choose. DAT High School students and faculty are typically innovative, creative, and intellectually restless, never satisfied with the conventional way of doing things, always eager to cross boundaries and to experiment with new approaches to solving problems.
  • A supportive team: DAT High School supports each one of its team members both in their professional and personal lives in a highly collaborative environment. Instead of working in isolation behind closed classroom doors, teachers collaborate closely with colleagues, family, and community members. This openness and collaboration ensures rich and high quality experiences for students and significant professional growth for teachers.

Experiential Education

DAT High School has developed a pedagogical model that enhances general and Judaic courses of study through hands-on, experiential learning. Students connect their learning in the classroom to real-world settings, enhancing their overall cognitive development and understanding of the material. Beyond theory, our students learn how passion, commitment, and drive motivate adults in their work, helping them identify and follow their own passions. The extended classroom experiences help students hone their observational, critical writing and scientific examination skills. Contact with the principles learned across all content areas in real-life settings helps them integrate and assimilate their knowledge.


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