We combine a respect for Jewish values and
teachings with an enthusiasm for global
learning and 21st century skills.
We offer a rigorous, integrated Judaic and general studies program. At DAT, we believe all children should be challenged to reach beyond the expected, recognize their potential, and build skills that will make them successful members of the global community. Another aspect of the program is to cultivate compassionate, values-based leaders. Integration of the virtues and values of the middot (character traits) is a fundamental component of student learning at DAT. We firmly believe that our students must learn to look beyond themselves, and do chesed and mitzvot for others.  

The general studies curriculum is based on the Colorado State Standards which is aligned with the National Standards. The state standards direct the curriculum and instruction in both the elementary and middle school classroom. Teachers are given the opportunity to build their lessons through collaborative discussions with other faculty members and the administration, keeping the state standards at the forefront of their planning. This makes learning at DAT customized to suit the needs of all of our students, while still maintaining academic standards of education.

Along with DAT’s fundamental goals, we stress 21st century learning across the curriculum.  The school environment itself is “traditional with a twist”; we have incorporated the elements of 21st century learning in our traditional environment.  Technology, mobility, higher-level thinking skills, and collaboration all combine to create our academic program of excellence. Our graduates leave DAT as citizens who are confident and equipped to integrate into the world at large, both in the religious and secular realms.


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