New logo. New look. Renewed excitement.

March 10, 2012, 12:13 am

New logo. New look.
Renewed excitement about all the amazing things
happening at DAT.
Our exciting new website is up and running and it showcases our beautiful new logo.  These new materials much more accurately reflect all the wonderful moments of learning, discovery, spirituality and friendship that take place every day at DAT.  The site will also be much more interactive so that our community of students, educators and families can share information easily and stay up-to-date on all things DAT.  As families from near or far visit our site to find out more, we think our story will come through loud and clear and the momentum we are all feeling will be evident.  Enjoy looking around the site, read about the meaning behind our new DAT logo,  and be sure to check back soon for more items being added.

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