We believe in creating an environment where
Torah is at the forefront, introspection is
encouraged, and open discussions lead to
deeper understanding of religion, education
and our world.
We are committed to striving for equal emphasis on an excellent general studies curriculum as well as an outstanding textual-based Modern Orthodox Jewish education curriculum.

We are dedicated to creating well-rounded students with a deep knowledge of Jewish studies and traditional, general studies. Judaism is a religion that places a strong emphasis on independent thinking. As such, we train our students to constantly question and examine teachings, allowing them to develop and refine their own perspectives on religious understandings. This perspective is reflected in both the religious and general studies topics we study. Talmud, which is studied in middle school, and high school, is a corpus of law made up of questions, dialogue, and debate related to Jewish law. No question is taboo at DAT, and independent and critical thought is encouraged in both general and Judaic studies.


We are a valued and important extension of the family and home.

DAT families provide a love of Judaism in their homes, and look to us to provide training and a love of Judaic skills. One example of this is our Hebrew immersion program. Teaching our students to speak Hebrew fluently allows them converse with Israelis, as well as study many Judaic texts in their original language.
We are committed to continuing to grow and emphasize our core values and offer more opportunities for academic and spiritual growth at every age group.


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