As we work with students at all ages,
we strive to nurture a DAT graduate
who will posses a strong set of 
beliefs and philosophies, and respect
the inherent value of an outstanding
general studies education.


  • Belief in G-d according to the 13 principles of Maimonides,
  • Belief in Torah as Divine revelation,
  • Belief in the authority of the Rabbis to transmit our tradition,
  • Possess a love for Torah learning,
  • Understand that all people are created in the image of G-d, and are therefore deserving of respect and kindness,
  • Understand that study and pursuit of the humanities and sciences can be a pathway to come closer to G-d,
  • See the State of Israel as miraculous manifestation of G-d in the world and in history,
  • Appreciate that America has given Jews both here and around the world great freedoms and benefits, both material and spiritual,
  • Understand that Jews have a privilege and responsibility to repair and improve the world.


“I see G-d when I study chemistry. It’s amazing. Everything we do, everything people do is a reflection of that reality – it’s not a contradiction to study these things because G-d is everywhere.”   Rachel Rabinovitch, MD  Past President, DAT Board of Trustees

The ideal DAT graduate will embody the following behaviors:

  • Aspire to be a Torah observant Jew,
  • Embody integrity, honesty and kindness,
  • Be passionate about the pursuit of, and importance of education,
  • Strive for further spiritual and personal growth,
  • Be respectful and tolerant of all,
  • Identify with the people and land of Israel,
  • Feel a responsibility for all Jews worldwide.

Our graduates also possess a specific set of skills and body of knowledge relating to Torah study, the Oral tradition, Hebrew language, Jewish law, character education, prayer and the geography of the prayer book, Jewish history, and the State of Israel. Our graduates will also have acquired strong written and oral communication skills, an appreciation for literature and the ability to critically evaluate information. Further, graduates will have a foundation in science, math, social studies and literature which will allow them to pursue a wide variety of advanced degrees.


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