Denver Academy of Torah is pleased to have a new logo that reflects our vision and our mission.  In the circle graphic you'll see the Hebrew word Da'at, and a flame icon. 

The word DAT in Hebrew (technically pronounced Da-at) translates to "wisdom." It is especially appropriate for our school when you understand its unique meaning.  In the Hebrew language, there are a number of words that describe knowledge or wisdom. “Chachma” refers to knowledge that has been acquired through the learning process.  “Bina” refers to our ability to integrate this knowledge into our being and wider sense of understanding. “Da’at” refers to our ability to translate our knowledge into action, impacting on the society around us and bringing our learning to the world on a daily basis. Precisely what we strive to do at DAT every day!

The flame found in our logo  represents the inspiration, passion and positive attitudes that our students bring to their learning.  We create an atmosphere of warmth, love and dedication to our school and our students, as it is reflected in our school logo.


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