DAT K-8 FACULTY AND STAFF* Check back soon for our updated 2017.2018 Faculty and Staff 

Morah Sheindy Brackman Ext: 200
1st grade Hebrew and Judaic studies
Morah Brackman has been a member of the DAT faculty since 2005 and loves teaching in our warm, school community. She holds a teaching degree and is certified by the Israel Ministry of Education.  Morah Brackman’s care for each child’s deep understanding of Judaism and of learning Hebrew is obvious in her classroom.  Sheindy, her husband Rabbi Levi Brackman, and their five children reside in Evergreen, CO. Sheindy will has two children at DAT.


Ms. April Errico, Ext 208

Middle School Science, K-5 Science Resource

Ms. Errico joined the DAT Faculty in 2016 as the Science Teacher in grades 6-9, in addition to offering support for our K-5 teachers in their science curricula. She is passionate about lab-based curriculum, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and child-centered education. Ms. Errico’s ability to motivate students allowing them to reach their highest potential is part of what makes her an exciting part of our DAT Community. She holds a Bachelor’s in English and Secondary Education from the University of Iowa. April lives in Denver.

Morah Iris Freedman, Ext 121
Kindergarten Assistant
Morah Iris has been in the DAT Kindergarten since 2007. Her warmth and love for each student is obvious in the way she talks to and cares for the children.  Her commitment to  Hebrew language education and Limudei Kodesh are part of what make her a valuable part of our team. Iris and her husband Philip have three girls. Their youngest currently attends DAT.

Morah Rivka Gross Ext 205
2nd and 3rd Grade Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Morah Rivka Gross is certified by the Israeli Department of Education and has been a solid force of inspiring education at DAT since 2006. Morah Gross values the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our children as she helps foster their love of Torah, Judaism, people, Hebrew, and learning. Morah Gross and her three children live in Denver. (She would , of course, tell you all of this herself, but only in Hebrew!)


Linda Hamo Ext: 100
K-8 Art Teacher
At DAT since: 2006
Mrs. Hamo has been at DAT since 2006. She has a Nursing Assistant Diploma from Emily Griffith Technical College,  BA in History and Judaic Studies from Smith College and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mrs. Hamo loves working with our students in K-8th grade. She provides our students with an opportunity for creative expression while developing their artistic abilities. 


Rabbi Seth Herstic, Ext 209


Rabbi Herstic’s passion to nurture student curiosity and facilitate active learning are part of what make him an exciting addition to DAT. Through various teaching settings, Rabbi Herstic has honed his skills a Tanach educator helping his students to gain a love for Torah learning. Rabbi Herstic earned a Bachelor’s from Yeshiva University, as well as semicha from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. He and his wife Amira moved to Denver this past summer. 


Morah Robyn Hill Ext: 127

1st Grade Aide

Morah Robyn Hill began her career at DAT as a long term and short-term substitute. We are excited to have her (once again) as a full member staff member.  Morah Robyn’s commitment to the students is evidenced by her patience, care, and love she shows each child. She, her husband Steven, and their three children live in Denver. Her daughter is an alumnus of DAT High School and her two sons are currently enrolled in DAT.

Ms. Linda Icenhower Ext 216

1st and 2nd Grade General Studies

Ms. Linda Icenhower returned to DAT after leaving in 2006 to pursue opportunities for higher education. Linda’s educational philosophy encompasses the need for both guiding students to master academic skills while also guiding them in learning how to interact appropriate with others and develop healthy relationships. Ms. Icenhower holds a BA in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with an endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education, both from University of Wyoming. She is also a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wyoming.  Linda recently moved to Denver this summer with her two children.

Ms. Rachel Johnson Ext 222
K-8th Grade Physical Education  and Hot Shots Sports District Manager for DAT Enrichment and After School programs
Education: BA from Savannah College of Art and Design
Hot Shot Sports and District Manager Rachel Johnson are happy to be a part of a variety of programing at Denver Academy of Torah.  Rachel Johnson is a two sport collegiate athlete who has had a love of sports and coaching for many years. She has developed a wide variety of curriculum designed to help every student have fun and be successful in Physical Education.

Mrs. Heather McLellan Ext 204
4th Grade General Studies and Director of Learning Resource Center
Teaching since: 2004
At DAT since: 2014
Mrs. Heather McLellan attended The University of Texas at Austin and Metropolitan State University.  She has a B.S. in Applied Learning and Development with licenses in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, and ESL.  She had a minor in astronomy.  
What I love about DAT:  I love the enthusiasm of the students and staff at DAT.  No one here is content with “good enough”, but rather there is a determination to continuously grow whether it be as a staff member or student.  The community is also supportive and welcoming.


Mrs. Rebecca Mogyoros Ext 201

2nd Grade General Studies ,7th Grade Math

Mrs. Mogyoros has most recently returned to DAT this past year after previously teaching in the DAT elementary and middle school grades in prior years. She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Technology in Education.  Her combined ten years experience teaching in middle school and elementary school give her the solid foundation to guide students towards mastery in a differentiated classroom using multiple styles of learning. Rebecca and her husband, Dr. Danny Mogyoros, live in Denver with their three children, who are all enrolled in DAT.

Morah Shanit Oesterle Ext 203
Middle School Hebrew, Director of Student Programming and Israel Engagement

Morah Shanit joined the DAT faculty in 2014 after many years of working in early childhood and elementary education. Her versatility in teaching, commitment to school wide programming, and love of Judaism and the Hebrew language make her an integral part of the DAT team. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and is working on a second Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Education. Morah Shanit, her husband Shane, and their two boys live in Denver. 

Mrs. Carolyn Reiffman Ext 223
6th grade Literature, Writing and Social Studies, Yearbook

Mrs. Carolyn Reiffman has been teaching at DAT 2007. Through her years of experience she has taught every grade from Pre-K through Grade 10, ultimately deciding that her passion is in middle school education. Mrs. Reiffman holds a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Master’s in Secondary Education with a Language Arts concentration. Her commitment to helping students learn and grow both within and out of the classroom are part of what makes her a vital member of our Middle School team. Carolyn, and her husband, Rabbi Hyiam Reiffman, live in Denver with their three children, who are all DAT High School students.


Rabbi Edwin Hyiam Reiffman, M.Ed.  Ext: 113
Technology, K-8
Rabbi Reiffman has been teaching at DAT since 2003 although he has been teaching since 1988.  Rabbi Reiffman completed his M.Ed. Educational Leadership and Administration in July, 2006. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Jones International University and has a B.A.in  Elementary Education - and Mathematics from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois. Rabbi Reiffman received Smicha in 2007 from Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim in Israel. Rabbi Reiffman also has the following certifications:  Colorado: Principal and Administrator/Superintendent. Colorado/Kansas/Illinois: Elementary K-9, Endorsements in Hebrew, Science, and Math. Rabbi Reiffman exposes our students to the vast options Technology offers our students including 3D printing, coding and more.

Mr. Maxwell Rotbart Ext 206
5th grade General Studies, 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Rotbart is the first DAT faculty member who is also an alumnus of the school. He joined the faculty in 2009 as a Student Teacher and was hired in 2014 as full time faculty member. Mr. Rotbart firmly believes in teaching students to be well-educated citizens of the world who care not only about their critical thinking skills, but their character as well. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University in History and Secondary Education.  Maxwell lives in Denver, CO.


Morah Chaya Rachel Schnall Ext 122
5th grade Judaics

Mr. Rotbart is the first DAT faculty member who is also an alumnus of the school. He joined the faculty in 2009 as a Student Teacher and was hired in 2014 as full time faculty member. Mr. Rotbart firmly believes in teaching students to be well-educated citizens of the world who care not only about their critical thinking skills, but their character as well. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University in History and Secondary Education.  Maxwell lives in Denver, CO.

Morah Inbal Shraiber Ext 220
4th Grade Judaic Studies

Morah Inbal joined the DAT faculty in 2010 as a Hebrew language teacher in our Middle and High Schools. Her passion for Torah, Limudei Kodesh, and Hebrew language make her a natural fit for our team of Elementary School Limudei Kodesh teachers. Morah Inbal holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She, her husband Asaf, and their four children live in Denver.


Ms. Krystal Stark Ext 116
Kindergarten and 3rd Grade General Studies

Ms. Krystal Stark recently moved to Denver from Chicago to join the faculty at Denver Academy of Torah. Krystal’s experience in early childhood and elementary education make her a stellar fit for our school. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Language Arts having spent significant time in elementary classrooms as part of her educational experience. Ms. Stark’s enthusiasm for education, for helping students meet with academic success, and for guiding students towards development of the necessary skills to be a citizen of the world are part of what make her a fabulous educator. 


Morah Gilat Steiner Ext 120

Morah Gilat recently joined our faculty after over ten year of experience teaching two year olds through adults.  She is a certified Special Education and Early Education teacher in both Israel and Colorado. She is a passionate, inspiring, engaging, and committed professional who believe in having students be actively involved in their education. Her love for Judaism and Hebrew language are easily seen through her classroom lessons. Morah Gilat and her family live in Highlands Ranch. 


Mr. Lawrence Stroll, Ext 210

Middle School Math

Mr. Stroll is a dynamic and passionate Math educator who joined the DAT team in 2016 after teaching in Atlanta. He is involved in math and study skills tutoring, youth programming, and has been informally involved in college guidance. Lawrence holds a Bachelor’s in Communication and Biology from Yeshiva University, an LL.B. (equivalent to J.D.) specializing in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from the University of Alberta Law School, and a Master’s in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Instructional Technology from the University of Alberta. Mr. Stroll switched careers to become a math teacher after a successful legal career and working as a Personal Wealth Manager. Lawrence and his wife, Lisa Stroll, moved to Denver this summer with three of their four children. Their two younger children are enrolled in DAT.


Mrs. Lisa Stroll  Ext: 111
8th Grade English
Education: Mrs. Stroll holds a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration, and participated in both the Harvard Graduate School of Education Principal’s Center program and YU Lead, a leadership development program through Yeshiva University. 

Mrs. Stroll  has over fifteen years of teaching experience in Middle School, and most recently served as an Assistant Principal at Torah Day School of Atlanta. Lisa’s professional nature, dedication to building student community and culture, and love of education are part of what make her an exciting addition to the DAT faculty. Lisa and her husband, Lawrence Stroll, moved to Denver this past summer with three of their four children. Their two younger children are currently enrolled at DAT. 


Mr. Shimon Stroll 
Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Check back soon for more information. 

Morah Ariella Sunshine Ext 202
2nd Grade Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Morah Ariella Sunshine has been a member of the DAT faculty since 2013 teaching Limudei Kodesh in the second grade in a Hebrew Immersive environment. She brings a love of Torah, yiddishkeit, Hebrew language, and middot education that is obvious to her students. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hebrew and Linguistics from the University of New South Wales and a teaching certificate from the Israel Ministry of Education. Morah Sunshine, her husband Rabbi Michael Sunshine, and their four children live in Denver, of whom the three oldest are DAT students. 


Rabbi Michael Sunshine Ext 221
7th Grade Halacha

After graduating with a B.A. in History from the University of Pennsylvania, Rabbi Sunshine studied at Yeshivat Hamivtar-Orot Lev in Efrat, Israel.  He received semicha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and Rabbis Chaim Brovender and Shlomo Riskin. Between 2006 - 2010, Rabbi Sunshine learned and taught in San Antonio under the auspices of the Torah Learning Center and Congregation Rodfei Sholom, where he also served as Assistant Rabbi.  Recognizing the need to engage Jewish youth in fun, educational, and inspirational Jewish connections, Rabbi Sunshine moved to Denver to begin the Denver/Boulder region of Jewish Student Connection (JSC).  JSC engages Jewish high school teens in on-campus Jewish high school claims aimed at assisting Jewish teens in forming proud and meaningful connections with Jews, Judaism, and Israel.  Rabbi Sunshine has also run DAT's Camp Maayan since 2011.  Rabbi Sunshine and Ariella (Morah Sunshine - 2nd grade Judaic studies) have four children, three of whom are current DAT students.

Rabbi Leib Zalesch Ext 207
Middle School Gemara and Halacha

Prior to joining the faculty of Denver Academy of Torah in Fall 2008, Rabbi Zalesch completed his Rabbinic Ordination through Yeshiva University's affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), which included two years of study in YU's RIETS Israel Kollel at its Jerusalem campus. He also holds a Master's Degree in Jewish Education from YU's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and a Bachelor's in History from Yeshiva College. His commitment to inspiring deeper thinking in his students, to helping them develop skills for critical analysis, and on honing student independent learning skills are part of what make him an educational force. Rabbi Zalesch also serves as the Director of Operations at the DAT Minyan. Leib, his wife Yona, and their three children live in Denver. His oldest two children are enrolled at DAT. 


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