Denver Academy of Torah 2018.2019 Faculty

Morah Gilat Steiner, Kindergarten Limudei Kodesh/Ivrit and Learning Resource Center Hebrew Specialist

Morah Gilat is a certified Special Education and Early Childhood Education teacher in both Israel and Colorado. We are pleased Morah Gilat will continue in the Kindergarten classroom and Learning Resource Center for the coming school year.


Ms. Robin Martinez, Kindergarten and 1st Grade General Studies
Ms. Martinez joined our faculty in 2017 after 13 years at Beacon Country Day School.  Ms. Martinez’ specialties include STEM education, differentiation for learning needs and gifted and talented education, as well as literacy. She hold’s a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Metropolitan State University. Most recently, Ms. Martinez was the 2nd Grade General Studies teacher and co-directed the Learning Resource Center. 


Morah Sheindy Brackman, 1st Grade Limudei Kodesh/Ivrit

Morah Brackman has been a member of the Denver Academy of Torah faculty since 2005 and loves teaching in our warm school community. She holds a teaching degree and is certified by the Israel Ministry of Education.   


Morah Iris Freedman, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Support

Morah Iris has been in the DAT Kindergarten since 2007. Her warmth and love for each student is obvious in the way she talks to and cares for the children.  Her commitment to  Hebrew language education and Limudei Kodesh are part of what make her a valuable part of our team. Iris is the mother of three girls. 


Mrs. Raacheli Fried, 2nd Grade General Studies

Mrs. Raacheli Fried has been teaching in the New York area for the past 14 years. She holds a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education from Hunter College and has taught Kindergarten through Middle School. 


Marley Taylor, 3rd Grade General Studies and Learning Resource Center

Marley Taylor graduated from University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Marley already began her connection with the Denver Academy of Torah by substitute teaching at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. 


Morah Rivka Gross, 2ndand 3rd Grade Limudei Kodesh/Ivrit

Morah Gross is certified by the Israeli Department of Education and has been consistently involved in the evolution of our Ivrit and Limudei Kodesh education since 2006. Morah Gross will be leading our Ivrit curriculum development during the upcoming school year.


Morah Inbal Shraiber, 4th Grade Limudei Kodesh/Ivrit

Morah Inbal joined the DAT faculty in 2010 as a Hebrew language teacher in our Middle and High Schools. She has been teaching 4thgrade for the last two years. Morah Inbal holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. 


Mary Lee, 4th Grade General Studies and 5thGrade English and Social Studies.

Mrs. Lee joined our faculty as the Third Grade General Studies teacher during the 2017.2018 school year.  Mrs. Lee has over 20 years of teaching experience across elementary and middle school classrooms. Mrs. Lee is passionate about student choice, classroom differentiation, balanced learning programs, data driven instruction, and professional development.

Morah Jamie Katz, Middle School Limudei Kodesh, Limudei Kodesh Support
Morah Katz is excited to return to the Denver Academy of Torah for her second year teaching middle school. A graduate of Touro College Manhattan where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Digital Multi Media, she also earned a Teaching Certificate from Darchei Binah Seminary in Jerusalem, Israel.

Ms. Sarah Marmor, 7th/8th  Grade Language Arts, Curriculum Development

Ms. Sarah Marmor has taught middle school English, both in New York and Colorado for over fifteen years.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching English from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in education leadership.


Mrs. Rebecca Mogyoros, Middle/High School Math, Learning Resource Center Director
In addition to middle school math and 9thgrade algebra, Mrs. Mogyoros will take over the coordination of the Learning Resource Center.  Mrs. Mogyoros has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Technology in Education.  Mrs. Mogyoros has a combined over ten years experience teaching in middle school and elementary school.

Morah Shanit Oesterle, Middle School Ivrit, Israel Programming
Morah Shanit joined the DAT faculty in 2014 after many years of working in early childhood and elementary education. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and is working on a second Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Education.

Mr. Maxwell Rotbart, Middle School and High School Social Studies
Mr. Rotbart is the first DAT faculty member who is also an alumnus of the school. He joined the faculty in 2009 as a Student Teacher and was hired in 2014 as full time faculty member. This is Mr. Rotbart's first year teaching in the DAT High School. Mr. Rotbart firmly believes in teaching students to be well-educated citizens of the world who care not only about their critical thinking skills, but their character as well. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University in History and Secondary Education.  Maxwell lives in Denver, CO.

Mrs. Chava Schwartz, 6th Grade Math and Middle School Science
Mrs. Schwartz has spent the last 12 years teaching in various settings, both Judaic and Secular studies.  Chava attended Touro College where she studied Psychology and earned a teaching certification in Israel.

Rabbi Yehoshua Dovid Schwartz, Middle and High School Limudei Kodesh
Rabbi Schwartz joined the DAT faculty teaching Gemara and Halacha across grades 7-12 in 2017.2018. Rabbi Schwartz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Language from UCLA, and a double semicha from Aish HaTorah.

Morah Chaya Rachel Schnall , Middle School Limudei Kodesh
Mrs. Schnall has over 17 years of teaching experience, spending her last two years at the Denver Academy of Torah. Mrs. Schnall holds a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and has been involved in many professional development opportunities over a decade of teaching.
Mr. Lawrence Stroll, Middle School Math and High School Business Math, College Advisory Team
Mr. Stroll is continuing in his role as Math Educator this year at the Denver Academy of Torah. He holds a Bachelor’s in Communication and Biology from Yeshiva University, an LL.B. (equivalent to J.D.) specializing in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from the University of Alberta Law School, and a Master’s in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Instructional Technology from the University of Alberta. Mr. Stroll switched careers to become a math teacher after a successful legal career and working as a Personal Wealth Manager.

Mrs. Liora Wittlin, Middle/High School Limudei Kodesh, High School Administrator

Mrs. Wittlin came to the DAT HS faculty with over a decade of teaching experience, most recently in Memphis, TN. She has designed and implemented Tanach curricula and loves guiding students as they explore the multitude of mefarshim and life lessons to be learned through Torah study. This year, she will share that passion with our middle school students as well. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Judaic Studies from Yeshiva University Stern College and was a YU Teach Legacy Heritage Fellow. Mrs. Wittlin, her husband Avi, and their four sons moved to Denver in 2016.

Rabbi Leib Zalesch, Middle School Limudei Kodesh, Limudei Kodesh Curriculum Coordinator
Prior to joining the faculty of Denver Academy of Torah in Fall 2008, Rabbi Zalesch completed his Rabbinic Ordination through Yeshiva University's affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), which included two years of study in YU's RIETS Israel Kollel at its Jerusalem campus. He also holds a Master's Degree in Jewish Education from YU's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and a Bachelor's in History from Yeshiva College.


Mr. Kyle Abrell, High School History, College Advisory Team

Mr. Kyle Abrell is joining the Denver Academy of Torah after spending the past three years teaching History and Culture at an International School in Saraburi, Thailand. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Social Studies Education from Indiana University and is more than thrilled to be joining such a dynamic and dedicated learning community. His affection for learning new cultures and travel has taken him across the globe, which resonates to his passionate lectures pushing students to not only think about the world around them, but be a part of making it a better place for all. 


Ms. CJ Dempsey, High School Math, Technology Coordinator

Ms. Dempsey has been on staff at the DAT High School since 2014, with a brief hiatus to teach in Hong Kong.  She teaches math with a professionalism and enthusiasm that inspires our students to want to grow in their math knowledge. She earned a Bachelor’s from the University of North Dakota and has completed multiple AP Summer Institutes. Ms. Dempsey is a trained Apple Certified Technician, and she is pursuing further training as she enters the world of Google in the lower school. 


Rabbi Shmuley Engel, High School Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Engel is a Denver native and moved back in 2014 after teaching and working in multiple cities across the Eastern Hemisphere. He holds semicha from the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. Rabbi Engel is excited to be able to bring a passion for Tefilla and a love of learning Gemara to the students at DAT. He, his wife Zeldy, and their two children live in Cherry Creek North where they run Chabad of Cherry Creek.  


Morah Liat Gold, High School Ivrit, Israel Programming

Morah Liat started teaching at DAT in 2015 as a Hebrew Language teacher and has taken on the role of running much of our student programming. She is an enthusiastic teacher who brings a love of Israel and Hebrew Language to each one of her students and to the entire high school community. Morah Liat holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Criminology from Bar Ilan and a an advanced degree in Education with an emphasis on Special Education from the Kibbutz Seminary Graduate School of Education in Tel Aviv. Morah Liat, her husband, and their three children live in Englewood, CO. 


Ms. Chloe Hodson, High School English, College Advisory Team

Ms. Chloe Hodson is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her Bachelor’s in Secondary Education and English from Northern Arizona University and has spent the last six years travelling the world and teaching High School English in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She is passionate about communication and the way we use language to understand the world around us.


Rabbi Eliyahu Namatiyof, High School Limudei Kodesh, Mashgiach Ruchani

Rav Eliyahu was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.  Before and after his army service, he studied and taught teens at Beit El Yeshiva, where he received his semicha. He holds a Bachelor’s in Education from Lifshitz College and a Master’s in Education Management from Orot College.  He has ten years of teaching experience in Israel as well as the United States.  Rav Eliyahu is excited to teach at Denver Academy of Torah where the students’ love of learning is sure to be as strong as his love of teaching. Rav Eliyahu and his family will be moving to Denver this summer, and one of his children will be a DAT first grade student in the coming year.


Mr. Don Seese, High School Science

Mr. Donald Seese has over 20 years experience of teaching sciences in the upper grade levels, and has worked in multiple fields. His passion for project and laboratory based science education are evident in his teaching philosophies. He holds a Bachelor’s in Microbiology from CSU and has completed coursework in Secondary Education at Metropolitan State. Mr. Seese and his wife live in Littleton and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. 



Rabbi Danny Wolfe, High School Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Wolfe was born and raised in Denver and moved back in 2015 to work for the The Jewish Experience after spending time living in Connecticut, Israel, and New York. He brings a love for Torah learning and connections to real world to his teaching and is excited to share his wide knowledge base with our students, pushing them to critically think, analyze, and question. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University, and semicha from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University, among other certifications. Rabbi Wolfe, his wife, and their children live on the East Side of Denver.



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