Created to fill a distinct need, DAT has grown
and evolved to serve today's students with
both relevance and reverence.
DAT was started by a determined group of parents looking to create a school focused on excellence in both Judaic and secular studies, where students could develop strong bonds to the land and State of Israel, and be nurtured to develop into upstanding moral citizens who are productive members of society and play leadership roles in the Jewish community and beyond.

DAT began in a small building owned by a local Synagogue in the area.  The school began to attract families who were interested in the warm and nurturing environment, the focus on both general studies and a Judaic education, the Israeli flavor of the school, the exceptionally strong faculty, and the strong text based Judaic education their children received.

In 1999, DAT moved into our present building located on our 9 acre campus, and is thriving, growing and looking toward the future with enthusiasm and an incredible community of support.  Beginning in 2010 DAT entered into a relationship with Ekar Farm and Community Gardens to develop the underutilized acreages adjacent to the school. DAT students have the unique opportunity to utilize Ekar as an outdoor classroom space, providing opportunities for ongoing experiential education.  

In 2010, in response to a strongly felt and articulated community need,  DAT expanded its offerings with the opening of a high school which is thriving and growing.

I helped to found DAT because I had a dream of creating a fabulous school that would prepare our childrenfor the best of both the Jewish and secular world, and would be a catylst for community growth. I am so proudof all that is taking place here and the vitality of our community of learners. - Jan Lightstone, one of the founders of DAT


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