An education founded in Torah values,
inspired by service, 
and dedicated to academic excellence
Denver Academy of Torah (DAT) is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school where aspirations towards excellence in both Judaic and general studies guides our program and curriculum. Under our unified campus and mission, we offer three divisions to serve students from kindergarten through elementary, middle and high school.  Conveniently located in east Denver, Colorado, our campus is on 9.6 acres of spacious ground in a thriving neighborhood.

Our multi-million dollar facility features large classrooms, a computer lab, a multi-purpose room, playing fields and playgrounds. New construction will ultimately include a gymnasium, library, cafeteria, kosher kitchen, and a chapel.
We were founded on strong beliefs and a dedication to making this school a thriving, energetic success.

DAT was founded 19 years ago by a visionary group of parents who wanted to instill in their children a love of G-d, Torah, and the Jewish people, and who wanted to prepare their children to assume positive roles as productive members of society. We believe that by giving students an outstanding education in both general and Judaic studies, they will be well prepared to make exceptional choices throughout life.
We moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to Denver because we have two young children who are almost school age and we wanted to live in a community with a strong Judaic school that would five them an exceptional education. DAT not only provided excellent academiscs, but a welcoming environment and the promise of a continuous positive experinece throughout all grades. - Noomi Hirsch, DAT parent


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